Powerful and talented gospel music minister Chisom Osuya releases her single titled “JESUS ONYEMERI” which means, “Jesus the Victorious”. This is a powerful hit that will bless your soul.


Power honour glory victory belongs to Jesus,
Hallelujah !! oje na muo Emeriwo awwww.

All: Agu neche nmba oliseh bini igwe , ikuku ama na onya Papa idi ebube idi omimi 2x

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh 2x

(call and response)
Jesus – Onyenmeri
Jesus – Onyenmeri
Jesus – Onyenmeri
Onyenmeri kibu – Onyenmeri
Jesus – Onyenmeri 4x

The fight is over ,the battle is won ,the glory belongs to you,now I’m a winner man 2x
You reign in majesty, I’m walking in victory
You are my champion ye
You are my champion oo
Ino lo oche eze gi (you are the king of Kings Jesus Jesus)
Okwa gi Ino lo oche eze gi le ( you are the lord of Lord’s Jesus Jesus)

(call and response)
Jesus – Onyenmeri 4x
Onyenmeri kibu – Onyenmeri 4x

Ku gba ra ya aka ,ku gba Jesus aka ,clap your hands o ye people ku gba Jesus aka

(Call and response)

Bulie ya – elu
Bulie Jesus – elu
lift your hands – elu
Praise his name – elu
Gba wara egwu ,gba wa Jesus egwu
Gba wa chinekem egwu ,gba wa Jesus egwu
Call his name – Jesus
let me hear you say – Jesus
Shout his name – Jesus
Faith ful God – Jesus
My faithful God

Chorus: till fade


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God bless you!