For He said “I am the living one. I died, but look–I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave”. –Revelation 1:18, NLT

In the early hours of the dawn in 2014, while still asleep, I found my self lying on a sun bed outside. Suddenly I felt a gentle touch on my shoulders so I raised my head to see who had touched me. It was a young man who gave me a gentle smile. He looked so calm and peaceful but because I wasn’t certain about who he was I said ” please take your hands off my shoulders, I don’t know you” but he insisted and said “it’s necessary, you need it” still with that gentle smile, he left ( disappeared). Immediately he left I felt great power all over my body and I fell into a trance,  that is to say, I got into a trance in my dream.

While in the trance, I found my self suspended in the air floating and suddenly at the far end of the clouds I saw a gigantic figure/ man, so huge. He was putting on a brilliant shinny white rob, something I would describe as “light”. He’s face was so tender and mild, peaceful, innocent, he was focused looking just towards one direction, he didn’t blink he’s eyes nor move His face. From the look on His face I could read or tell alot about Him. There is indeed nothing compared to the glory of Jesus and to be in his presence. I never wanted this encounter to end.

I finally came to realised who this person (figure) was, out of excitement I screemed “JESUS, that’s you JESUS” . Frankly, I’ve never been this excited in my entire life. All of a sudden, it wasn’t Jesus alone standing another being joined him I could now see but two beings, sort of a two in one person, I took a closer look they were holding each other’s hand so tight but the image didn’t change it was still a two in one figure.

While still floating in the air, I saw some strange objects, one of them which I could easily recognize was in the form of a *human heart*, at the bottom end of it was a huge hole and it had ruptured and was rotten. I then made out the second object which was in the form of the letter *X* but was closed at the top while the bottom part was open. As for the other objects i could not  comprehend them. Any way, I wasn’t so interested in looking at these objects all I wanted was to look at JESUS , to gaze upon His glory and beauty.

At this point, something spectacular happened. The clouds started covering up Jesus and the other being, that is; the two in one person right up close to their shoulders, making it abit difficult see them. I then raised my head struggling to see clearly and I said “please Jesus I want to see you, please don’t allow the clouds to cover you up. Behold I went blind, I couldn’t see anything again. I became scared and then Jesus started  speaking to me, he said ” I brought you here to look at those objects (remember the ones I mentioned above) to take note of them and then go ye into the world and tell everyone about them”.  He went on to say ” A time will cone when you will see me clearly face to face and you’ll be with me but for now I brought you here for a mission the objects”. After hearing these words I started , pleading with him “please Jesus open my eyes, let me see again I won’t disobey you anymore. Behold I regained my sight,  I was relived.

Still floating in the air, this time around I became more serious, upon hearing the words of Jesus. I started looking at these objects again to have an insight of them. The object ( mentioned earlier) which had the shape of a human heart had turned into a newborn baby and the x shaped one remained the same. I then woke up from sleep.

Later that day,  I spoke with two men of God about the dream/ vision and they both gave a similar interpretation.

1). The ruptured/rotten human heart I saw is the state of the heart of man which is full of evil.

2). The X sign represents cleansing, amendment, just like a pair of scissors to cut off/ put away something that’s not needed or to adjust.

3). The New born baby represents a rebirth of the corupt and evil heart of man.

4). The two in one figure/person was Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is the unity of the Holy Trinity which is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost

5). The gentle and peaceful man who touched my shoulders is said to be an angel, thats why power came all over me and I immidiately fell into a trance.

6). Jesus showing me these objects and asking me to tell people about it. This is for me as well as as every other believer to preach the gospel to those who are not yet saved ”

Mark 16: 15-16 (KJV) 

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 

16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”.

Also, we as christians/believers should re-examine ourselves to make sure we are walking in the light of God”

Ephesians 5: 7-8

7 Therefore do not be partakers with them; 8 for you were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of light”.

I hope you’ve been blessed reading this, if so kindly leave a comment, or your own interpretation of this encounter. Also, dont forget to follow the Susie M’s gospel blog and feel free to share this article.  Thanks and God bless you!

Author: Susan mosoke- Susie M




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